The outstanding quality of the water in pure BIO® energy drink

Only alpine natural mineral water is used for our pure BIO® organic energy drink, filled directly at the well. Located within the Austrian Alps, which is known as one of the world’s biggest water reservoirs, where water is constantly replenished, the well, which contains this high quality alpine natural mineral water, has a balanced and optimal

distribution of minerals and trace elements and is characterised in particular by its low nitrate value. The high quality of our natural mineral water is the ideal basis for preparing baby food for instance, as confirmed by the director of the official Austrian Beverage Institute. Our natural mineral water has a neutral taste and is very suitable

for a low-sodium diet. Further to this it is the ideal base for mixing drinks such as our premium product pure BIO® organic energy drink. According to the Radiesthesia report our natural mineral water achieves a peak value of 34,000 Bovis units and thereby provides a high level of energy itself.